Best Review Of Plymouth Blue Rock Chicken You Should Know

Plymouth Blue Rock Chicken

The Plymouth Blue Rock Chicken is a new favourite designer chicken in the poultry industry. This relatively new breed of chicken, also known as the Plymouth Blue Rock Chicken, has gained popularity over the past few years because of its superior egg-laying abilities, beautiful plumage, and sociable nature. In this article, covers all the pertinent details regarding the Sapphire Plymouth Blue Rock Chicken if you’re interested in knowing more about it.

Best Review Of Plymouth Blue Rock Chicken You Should Know

1. Origins of Sapphire Blue Plymouth Rock Chicken

Although their exact origin is unknown, chicken experts think the Plymouth Blue Rock Chicken came from the Czech Republic. A hybrid chicken called the Sapphire Blue is thought to be a cross between a Blue Plymouth Rock and a Barred Plymouth Rock. The American Poultry Association (APA) does not recognise Sapphire Blue because it is a relatively new breed of chicken.

2. Characteristics of Plymouth Blue Rock Chicken

For a number of reasons, this breed of chicken is perfect for a beginning chicken farmer. Plymouth Blue Rock Chicken can survive in a variety of climates because they can withstand both heat and cold. In colder climates, owners of this breed won’t notice a decrease in egg output. Additionally, they are skilled foragers. These autonomous hens can discover lots of tempting food on the ground if you have a large enough outdoor area.

Plymouth Blue Rock Chicken

Sapphire Blues are quiet chickens, making them suitable for homes with nearby neighbours. They are an alert breed, nevertheless, and will be aware of any nearby predators. They have a composed and amiable demeanour. They are forced to buy pets as a result, even for the kids! Like other domesticated pets, they can even be softly cuddled while being held. Plymouth Blue Rock Chicken get along with other hens because of their amiable and sensitive nature. They are a chicken that is generally controllable and simple for beginners to grow.

Another advantageous trait of this breed of chicken is that it is not well-known for having major health problems. Although all chickens are susceptible to parasites like lice, Sapphire Blues are not exempt from them. They should be examined for any indications of sickness and given any necessary veterinary care.

3. Appearance

Plymouth Blue Rock Chicken

In addition to having exceptional egg-laying skills, Plymouth Blue Rock Chicken are also known for the colour of their feathers. Sapphire Blues is a sex-linked chicken type, thus you can distinguish between male and female chickens based on their colour at hatching. This breed’s feathers are lavender-blue on both sexes, with a white dot on the males’ heads or wings. As they age, female chicks get a ring of gold or grey feathers around their necklines. Chickens of both sexes are medium-sized and weigh about 6-7 pounds.

The Sapphire Blue is a single-comb breed even though they can tolerate the cold. The fleshy, typically red, protrusion on top of its head is called a comb. On colder evenings, Sapphire Blues should have a safe area to sleep because single-comb birds are vulnerable to frostbite.

4. Population, geographic spread, and habitat

It is unknown how many Plymouth Rock Chicken there are on farms or in people’s homes in the United States because they are thought of as designer chickens. This breed of chicken is harder to get than other popular varieties. This is due to the fact that they are a new breed whose birth year is unknown. The Sapphire Blues are also not regarded as a legitimate breed because the APA does not recognise them. This might be another factor in the omission of Sapphire Blue’s precise numbers.

Plymouth Blue Rock Chicken enjoy having room to wander around and are good foragers. In any climate, as long as they have access to a coop during the extremely cold months, they make good free-ranging chickens. How much room do you need to give your chickens? Consider allowing each bird at least 4 square feet.

5. Egg Production

Plymouth Blue Rock Chicken

The Plymouth Blue Rock Chicken might be a great option if you’re thinking about keeping hens for egg production. The Sapphire Blue hen typically produces 290 big brown eggs a year. The Sapphire Blue is a better-laying chicken than the typical backyard hen, which produces about 250 eggs annually. Despite being big enough to be raised for meat, most farmers and chicken keepers do not do this due of their outstanding laying prowess. However, given that they are medium-sized birds, some people choose to use Sapphire Blues for meat after egg production stops. However, due to their amiable and docile nature, most people decide to keep retiring Sapphire Blues as pets.


The Plymouth Blue Rock Chicken is rapidly gaining popularity in the chicken industry, and it is easy to see why. Despite not being an official breed, Sapphire Blues can nonetheless produce outstanding layers for homesteaders and small to medium farms. Even if you don’t place much importance on how many eggs your chicken lays, they make fantastic companions. They make peaceful and cuddly friends for kids. Sapphire Blues are hardy, self-sufficient, and simple to handle. They are therefore a well-liked option for both novice and experienced poultry keepers.

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