Sagitta Chicken: The Perfect Dual-Purpose Breed for Egg and Meat Production

Sagitta Chicken

Are you looking for a breed of chicken that produces excellent amounts of eggs and meat? You only need to consider the Sagitta chicken! The Rhode Island Red, New Hampshire Red, and Cornish Cross types of chicken have been combined to create the amazing dual-purpose Sagitta breed. The Sagitta chicken has become more well-liked among backyard chicken enthusiasts and small-scale farmers due to its excellent qualities and flexibility. will examine the traits, advantages, and distinctive qualities of the Sagitta chicken in this post, giving you helpful insights into why it is a superb option for your flock. Join us as we explore the diverse and exciting world of the Sagitta chicken, from its calm disposition to its high egg productivity and enormous meat yield.

Information about Sagitta Chicken Breed:

Sagitta Chicken

The Sagitta chicken is a dual-purpose breed, meaning it can produce both eggs and meat. They are known to only occasionally display broodiness and have a Buttercup comb. The breed can adapt to a variety of locations because it is tolerant of all climates. Sagitta chickens are thought to be high producers in terms of egg production.

They produce sizable, light brown eggs. Sagitta hens are renowned for having a calm, gentle nature. The breed is available in a variety of hues and variations. Sagitta chickens are categorized as giant poultry based on their size.

Due to its adaptability, backyard chicken keepers favor the Sagitta chicken. They can adapt to a variety of habitats, including both confined and free-range ones. They can survive in a variety of environments thanks to their adaptability, which makes them appropriate for different kinds of poultry production.

Sagitta Chicken

Additionally, their capacity for producing a respectable amount of meat and laying large eggs makes them a sensible choice for individuals wishing to keep hens for various uses. They may also be simpler to handle and control due to their placid disposition.

Because the Sagitta chicken breed looks to be a particular crossbreed developed by breeders or hobbyists, it’s crucial to note that it may not be generally recognized or standardized. Specific qualities and attributes can vary depending on different breeding programs and the care given to the chickens, just like with any other breed of chicken.

While the Cornish Cross is a hybrid breed primarily intended for meat production, the Rhode Island Red and New Hampshire Red are also well-known heritage chicken breeds renowned for their capacity for egg production. The Sagitta chicken crosses these species in an effort to inherit advantageous characteristics from each parent breed, such as large eggs and high-quality meat.

A brand-new hybrid is the Sagitta. Similar to a New Hampshire Red, it grows quickly, and by 12 weeks, the cockerel weighs 5.5 pounds, making it the perfect table bird. By 17 weeks, the pullets start laying large to X-large eggs, up to a month earlier than many other breeds.

The Sagitta are very hardy, dual-purpose, sociable with children, and a good choice for the homestead, backyard, or farmyard. They adapt well to free-range or confinement, and they don’t have the same health or growth problems as Cornish X chickens, and they eat the same things as Rhode Island Reds or any other common chicken breed.

The Price of Sagitta Chicken:

Sagitta Chicken

The pricing for the different categories of chickens is as follows:

  • For females the prices are $3.50 each for quantities of 1-24, $3.00 each for 25-49, $2.75 each for 50-74, $2.50 each for 75-99, and $2.25 each for 100 or more.
  • If you prefer straight run chickens, which are not yet gender-segregated, the prices are as follows: $2.60 each for 1-24, $2.25 each for 25-49, $2.00 each for 50-74, $1.80 each for 75-99, and $1.60 each for 100 or more.
  • For males, the prices are $1.70 each for 1-24, $1.50 each for 25-49, $1.25 each for 50-74, $1.10 each for 75-99, and $1.00 each for 100 or more.


Sagitta chickens are a unique dual-purpose breed that provide the best of both worlds, in conclusion. The Sagitta chicken fulfills your needs whether you’re looking for a reliable source of large, light brown eggs or a sizable bird for the dinner table. Both backyard hobbyists and small-scale farmers will find it to be the perfect choice due to its placid disposition and ability to adapt to various settings. The Rhode Island Red, New Hampshire Red, and Cornish Cross breeds are the ancestors of the Sagitta chicken, which is known for its great egg production, meat yield, and all-around flexibility.

Adding the Sagitta chicken to your flock is certain to provide satisfaction and usefulness, whatever of your level of experience with raising poultry. Experience the delights of the Sagitta chicken firsthand by embracing the joys of raising these peaceful and fulfilling birds.

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