The 10 Chicken Brooder Ideas You Can Make Easily

Chicken Brooder Ideas

A warm space or container is all that a brooder is for baby chicks that weren’t hatched by a hen. Since most of our hens haven’t been broody long enough to sit on eggs, we are still dependent on the feed store. Last year, we were surprised by a hen who hatched her own chicks in the garden, but so far, very few of them have. Some Chicken Brooder Ideas is suggested below.

Until the chicks are feathered and are intelligent enough to avoid the dogs and barn cats, keep them in the Chicken Brooder Ideas for around 6 to 8 weeks. Basically, you’ll know it’s time to remove the chicks from the brooder when they start to behave like feisty teens and start to resemble adult chickens rather than lovely little balls of fluff.

The 10 Chicken Brooder Ideas You Can Make Easily

1. Stock Tank

Chicken Brooder Ideas

We’ve used this quick DIY Chicken Brooder Ideas option the most over the years, and it’s probably my favorite. You can either use brand-new tanks or recycle old ones that leak and are ineffective for storing water. Heat is added, shavings are sprinkled in the bottom, and you are ready to go. I also value the ability to remove the tanks from the coop on sunny days, scrub them thoroughly, and then allow them to dry in the sun. Even old stock tanks can occasionally be found at auctions or farm & ranch Facebook groups, saving you money.

2. Rubbermaid or plastic tub

Chicken Brooder Ideas

If you’re in a rush, a sizable plastic storage container makes a simple DIY Chicken Brooder Ideas. You can cut windows in the lid and plug the openings with wire mesh to protect the chicks from curious toddlers, curious animals, and curious pets. If that’s not a problem, though, the lid can be completely removed as long as the sides are high enough to prevent the chicks from jumping out.

If you have many chicks, they will outgrow the tub in a few weeks, but if you’re in a rush, it’s a nice place to start. (If you have a lot of chicks, just use several tub brooders.)

3. Custom Wooden Box

Christian eventually constructed a straightforward wooden DIY Chicken Brooder Ideas space in our chicken coop after using stock tanks and various boxes and containers for years, and it’s been quite useful. The feed storage part of the coop (which is empty of adult birds) has a box that we made out of two sheets of recycled scrap plywood. The sides are between two and three feet height, which is ideal for preventing babies from hopping out. When we have a bird that needs to be separated from the flock the rest of the year, it also functions well as a chicken hospital.

4. Kiddie Pool

Chicken Brooder Ideas

The only disadvantage of utilizing a kiddie pool is that it has short sides, making it very simple for chicks to leap out. If they can’t figure out how to get back to the heat, this can be fatal. Because of this, if you plan to use a pool, you must build taller sides for it by using chicken wire or enclosing it in cardboard. Otherwise, if you’re in a rush, it’s a simple choice that you can throw together quickly.

So there you have it, my friends: five do-it-yourself Chicken Brooder Ideas to satisfy your urge to buy chicks even more quickly. Thank you very much.

5. Dresser Brooder

Have you considered throwing away an old dresser? Hold that thought as you continue reading and listen to us. What about converting it into a brooder? Although it may seem strange at first, a dresser and a brooder are actually quite similar. You already have a really nice brooder; you only need to make a few minor modifications here and there. Additionally, if you intend to keep the brooder indoors, it is a terrific way to incorporate it into your house. It would fit in perfectly!

6. Wall Brooder

Chicken Brooder Ideas

Attaching the brooder to the wall is a fantastic additional method of blending it into the environment. By using the bottom of the brooder to store items, this brooder will allow you to save some space. If you frequently move or are unsure of how long you plan to stay in one place, this might not be a good option. Make sure you are prepared to commit if you intend to do this.

7. Trough Brooder

The trough Chicken Brooder Ideas is yet another fantastic choice to take into account. Given that the trough needs no adjustment, it can serve as your go-to brooder. It only requires a few simple setup steps before it is ready for usage. If you are not adept at using hardware tools, this option is the best.

If you choose not to use the trough brooder, it is still a good idea to keep it on hand as a backup brooder in case your primary brooder experiences a problem that necessitates you to temporarily relocate the chicks while you fix it.

8. Kiddie Pool Brooder

Chicken Brooder Ideas

One of the most popular Chicken Brooder Ideas in the world of poultry is the kiddie pool one. Maybe this is so because the supplies are so simple to come by. Additionally, it is simple to carry out but effective.

While you have your morning coffee, you could watch your Chicken Brooder Ideas. Do you agree that this is a fantastic way to start the day? The two-story Chicken Brooder Ideas might work if you truly want to give your chicks a wonderful experience in the brooder. The chicks will have plenty of space to roam and explore in the two-story brooder. There’s never a dull moment in the brooder! Furthermore, since it allows your flighty chicks to “fly” without hurting themselves when they fall, it might be the perfect solution for them.

10. A Brooder That Can Expand

Chicken Brooder Ideas

The extendable Chicken Brooder Ideas is the best option if you frequently have chicks that require extra attention but are unsure of the number of chicks you will be expecting for each batch. However, it is also an excellent option if you are unable to commit to a large brooder or do not enjoy moving the chicks to a larger brooder as they mature. Its design will let you care for whichever few or many chicks your hens decide to throw your way!


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