The Calico Princess Chicken: A Breed Worth Knowing

Calico Princess Chicken

Do you know what the name “Calico Princess Chicken” means? Since the name “calico princess chicken” is relatively new, few people are familiar with this type of chicken. Their lovely look is evident from the moniker “calico princess.” With, let’s explore the following table of contents to discover more about the Calico Princess Chicken breed.

An Overview of Calico Princess Chicken

The egg breed known as Calico Princess is stunning and well-liked in the US. This breed was developed by crossing Leghorn, Rhode Island Red, Plymouth Rock, and Wyandotte chickens. The feathers of the Calico

Princess Chicken is multicolored and has white, black, and reddish-brown markings. They feature black beaks, yellow legs, and red-eye domes. They are very well adapted to handling eggs and normally weigh between 2.3 and 2.7 kg.

A fertile breed, the Calico Princess Chicken can lay up to 280–300 eggs annually. They are also thought to have a mild temperament and be simple to nurture, making them appropriate for even beginners. Finding this breed to purchase, however, can be more challenging than with other breeds because it is not among the most well-known.

1. Calico Princess Chicken’s History

Calico Princess Chicken

A hybrid chicken breed called the Calico Princess Chicken was developed in the US from various chicken breeds. On the other hand, little is known about the breed’s history and ancestry. According to sources, Calico Princess Chicken originated in the Czech Republic before becoming popular in a few nearby nations.

The early 2000s were reportedly the time when a farmer in Iowa, USA, crossed Leghorn, Plymouth Rock, Rhode Island Red, and Wyandotte chicken breeds to produce the Calico Princess. Since then, this kind of chicken has quickly developed and grown in popularity in the US as an egg-laying breed.

2. Their Characteristics

A breed of chicken called Calico Princess has distinctive and enticing feather color. Hens weigh between 5 and 6 pounds (2.5 kg) and roosters weigh around 7 pounds (3.1 kg). They have earlobes, red ticks, and a single red crest. They have clean, golden feet.

The hens often have feathers that range in color from light brown to orange with extra white patches. The princess has a black tail, and the tips of her wings are covered in black flying feathers. The roosters have black chasers and white plumage. Their fur has brown patches on it.

Calico Princess gradually acquired popularity due to her stunning looks, even though the breed is still not well-known. It’s understandable why many backyard chicken keepers are enamored with their striking appearance and vibrant plumage.

3. Colour-Sexing Breed

Calico Princess Chicken

The color of their coat makes it quite simple to determine the sex of a Calico Princess. So, one day after they hatch, we can tell their sex by looking at the color of their fluff. The sex of day-old chicks can be easily determined because Calico Princess hens and cocks are reddish brown and white, respectively. This is thought to be a common practice in the poultry business and hatcheries for discriminating against birds based on their sex.

The white Sussex with the Silver S gene is the mother of the Calico Princess chick. A male who inherits the dominant allele of his mother’s S gene and is white results from mating an S-gene-carrying female with an S-gene-carrying man. The child is brown because they have the recessive allele of the father’s s gene.

4. The Personality

The Calico Princess is a low-maintenance, calm, and docile bird. The only care they require is for food, drink, and shelter. You can easily become close friends with Calico Princess because they are amiable and laid back. A fantastic option for families with young children is Calico Princess. They require more living room than some other kinds of chickens because they are huge birds, or, better yet, you may let them roam freely.

Chickens Calico Princess love to eat continuously and forage for soil-borne insects, but they also make excellent companions when you’re working in the backyard. Chicken Calico Princess enjoys being in social situations and receiving attention.

The very healthy Calico Princess Chicken can thrive in any environment. They can survive the heat and cold well, while extreme weather calls for particular caution. However, Calico Princess is generally adaptable to both Mediterranean and frigid northern regions.

5. Egg Production

Calico Princess Chicken

A breed of chicken called the Calico Princess was developed with the specific purpose of producing eggs for export to nations in Europe, Asia, and North America. In farms that produce eggs for subsistence, this kind of chicken is preferred. Each egg from Calico Princess is huge, weighing roughly 2.1oz (62g), brown, and can be stored for more than 300 eggs annually.

Calico Princess may lay eggs well in winter with a little less amount than in summer thanks to her exceptional capacity to adapt to both hot and cold temperatures. Calico Princesses are capable of incubating their eggs and are regarded as good mothers. However, if you do not intend to incubate your eggs, you should be informed that during incubation, egg production momentarily ceases.

How to take care of Calico Princess Chicken?

Chickens have similar fundamental requirements, including Calico Princess Chicken. The most fundamental requirements are food, water, and a coop for chickens. It’s likely that you are familiar with the usual chicken way of life if you already have chickens.

There are two unique things that you need to be aware of when caring for Calico Princess because weather and environment won’t be a huge issue for her. The first is to keep your hens safe from predators, and the second is to keep an eye out for animal diseases and cure them as necessary. Since the illness in chickens spreads quickly, it’s crucial to have them inspected and treated by a veterinarian as soon as you can.

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